As a GW student, you have access to a number of resources in-person and digitally. This guide is filled with resources that current students take advantage of and is continually updated. Should you have any suggestions, please email us at!

*NOTE: The Sustainable Urban Planning program is under the College of Professional Studies (CPS), home to other professional-related programs. For more information, visit the CPS homepage.

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Program Representative

Hasna Fikri-Alami

Assistant Director, Recruitment & Admissions

(571) 553-0184 ||

SUP strives to ensure our students know all the ins and outs as we welcome you to the program. We are proud to have Hasna as a valuable resource in our program to ensure your experience at GW runs smoothly. Should you require any assistance or additional information about our program, prospective students should speak with Hasna directly and schedule an appointment to chat.

Student Success Coach

Ben Cheng

Student Success Coach

(202) 994-0696 ||

We want you to feel supported as you pursue your academic and professional goals. Our Student Success Coach, Ben Cheng, is available to answer any questions you may have regarding registration, withdrawal/leave of absence, student forms, time management/studying practices, and any other topics that you would like to discuss. Ben has a background in Higher Education Student Affairs, and can help you learn to manage and balance your academic and personal lives. Students who would like to speak with Ben should schedule an appointment as soon as possible!

CPS Career Services

Director of Career Services

(202) 994-2083 ||

MPA 301, Room 301G

Our Career Services office is a valuable resource for SUP and CPS students that provides personalized attention and focused resources to meet your professional goals. Nicole Mintz, Director of Career Services, provides one-one-one coaching, programming, and other resources to assist students and alumni in exploring opportunities, develop job search strategy, and sustain lifelong career success. Her expertise is extremely valuable and has helped hundreds of students move into their professional careers with ease. Students who would like to speak with Nicole should schedule an appointment to advance their professional development!

CPS Library Liaison

Research Services Librarian

(202) 994-2105 ||

Gelman Library, Room 303

Serving as the librarian for CPS students, faculty, and staff, Misty has an extensive background in social collections research throughout the DMV. Those seeking extensive research on their projects should chat with Misty by scheduling an appointment as soon as possible!


SUP Email Signatures

SUPSO has developed unique email signatures for students to utilize through their GW email accounts. You may select any of the three options of your liking. Remember, you represent SUP and SUPSO in this capacity by updating your email signature.

We also highly encourage you to add in a Profile Picture to your GW email account. If you're interested in getting a professional headshot, check out our Events page to see when the next opportunity will be!

Student Memberships

American Planning Association (APA)

The American Planning Association (APA) is an organization comprising of over 40,000 members from 90 countries, 47 different chapters across the US, and 23 divisions across a wide range of planning topics. Locally, 3 chapters represent the DMV area:

Membership to the APA is FREE for students, SUP students should take advantage of this by signing up through the APA's Student and New Planners page.

US Green Building Council (USGBC)

The US Green Building Council (USGBC) strives to transform communities and building design, operating through the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, an ecologically-oriented building certification program. The USGBC works toward environmental and socially responsible environments to improve the quality of life.

Membership to the USGBC is FREE for students, giving students the ability to learn more about the green building community. Become a member by joining the growing cohort of LEED-certified students in the SUP program.

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is a group of New Urbanist idealists across many different professions, including urban planning and geography. Connected to a powerful group focused on walkable urbanism, CNU provides valuable tools to sharpen knowledge on architecture and community.

Membership to the CNU is FREE for students, giving students access to their member directory, monthly newsletter, chapter membership, and CNU-A eligibility. To join, visit CNU's Membership webpage.

Young, Innovative Professional Planning Superstars (YIPP)

The Young, Innovative, Professional Planning Superstars (YIPPS) is a Washington, DC-based networking group filled with planning professionals. Hosting daily events region-wide, YIPPs implores you to explore and get involved in the local urban planning community. Members will receive job openings, events, and other information useful to urban planners.

To join YIPPs, follow the procedures listed on their website.


SUP Reading List

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